Together, we can reduce Australian landfills before it's too late. 



Australia is facing a mega waste and resource crisis!

Almost 90% of all Australian plastics are wasted to landfill instead of being recycled

Retail giants are currently using single-use virgin plastics or imported foreign recycled plastic in their packaging, instead of sustainable materials

Few Australians know about what can and can't be recycled or even know WHERE their recycling goes!

Everyday the Australian recycling industry is losing jobs and contracts overseas while our waste piles up in our soil!



Remade In Australia is a local, independent initiative that promotes peaceful and creative campaigns to educate Aussies on our current recycling waste crisis. We aspire to promote reusable plastics
and get them out of our clogged landfills! Together with everyday Aussies we hope to "close the loop" and nurture a sustainable resource industry for the future of Australia!

Our objective is to engage Aussie retail giants and fresh fruit growers; to implore them to package their products in Australian-made and sourced plastic containers and packaging. Through our vision, we hope that these companies will rely less on cheap and dirty imported plastics and use our own materials to preserve our beautiful country from overflowing landfills.





We strive to build a consumer-led movement to persuade Australian supermarkets to use 100% Australian made recycled packaging 


To end importing of plastic packaging and manufacture solely in Australia



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We're asking YOU as an affected Australian consumer, to please sign our petition and to voice your concerns to the large supermarket giants that there IS a demand for change!

We hope to bring our vision to reality so that future generations may experience a cleaner, healthier Australia free from wasted resources and toxic landfills!

We would love your support for the movement! Help us out by signing our petition, sharing our socials or even just by reading our website. Know where YOUR waste is going!


Together, let's remake Australia!

Remade In Australia Team


#PlasticIsFantastic CHALLENGE

We say, #PlasticIsFantastic 




We are not saying that using plastic is bad. What we are saying is that not reusing plastic is. 

It’s impossible to imagine a day without it being used. That's why we want to show love to the plastic we use in our everyday lives with #PlasticisFantastic. Plastic has gone from being a scientific wonder to an environmental disaster. All because what was meant to be reused has been wastefully thrown away.  Plastic has the ability to be reused, remade and recycled. Avoiding the use of plastic is not the solution, but reusing it is. 

It’s all in your hand, as a consumer, to reuse it at every chance you have.


Can you think of any plastic product that is 100% recycled and remade?

We, @remadeinaustralia challenge you to show how #PlasticIsFantastic. 


To do your bit:

  1.  Post a picture of yourself with a product packaged in plastic from the fresh produce section in the supermarket that is not only manufactured in Australia but also manufactured using 100% recycled Australian plastic waste.

  2. Copy and paste this message from our website link in our bio @remadeinaustralia.

  3. Nominate 3 of your friends by tagging them in the post. 

  4. Also, tag @remadeinaustralia so we can share it! (Facebook and Instagram)


Take the step with us to let supermarkets and big companies know it’s time to recycle 100% of the plastic they use.